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Camera Business

This is a RPG like game about a young lady.

She was by herself when you passed in her in that empty alley, Her body caught your eye but it was her tears that made you feel for her. When you saw them you decided then and there to take care of her.

You found out that her parents had thrown her out of the house because she was having sex… before her wedding.

The ceremoy was canceled and her fiance left her because of the financial pressure he was put under when his own parents found out.

She was devastated, but now she’s found a small measure of senctuary in your arms and she’s formed a plan.

She tells you that she wants to punish her parents. She wants to become a world renowned porn star. At first, you were shocked but when you realize how naturally talented and enthusiastic she is, you start to think that maybe it’s not the worst idea.

Can’t get all the fun? – we hook you up and send you all the pics you could not find!

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Camera Business

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