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Living with Temptation ❤ RPG Sex Game


Living with Temptation Expansion - Wife gone Wilder| will you seduce Lisa the hot nanny or rebuild your relationship with your wife?

The Summer is over in 30 days and Lisa will go back to Canada. Have as much fun as you can before she leaves!

Living with Temptation Header, Lesson of Passion Sex RPG Game

Erotic RPG game about relationship and desire

You have been married just over two years to a gorgeous woman named Tracy and four months ago the two of you had your first baby, a boy named Charlie.

The pregnancy was difficult, Tracy often felt so ill that she couldn’t have sex. Then, as she grew larger, you found her less attractive. By the time the baby arrived, you did had not had sex in months, but that was not the end of it. A new baby is demanding and stressful. Your wife Lisa naked, Living with Temptation, Lesson of Passion, Sex RPG GameThough you felt full of love for your son, you and Tracy only seemed to irritate each other. To make matters worse, the newspaper youlwt_160x600_b had been working for went bankrupt and you were suddenly jobless. Your self-esteem suffered, your sex life got even worse and your marriage seemed to hang by a thread.lwt_160x600_b

But now there is hope. You got a new job writing a column for a major magazine and Tracy seems impressed and proud of you. The baby is getting easier to manage and Tracy looks amazing. She has lost the weight from pregnancy, but still has the wonderfully large breasts. You want to get back to the sex life you used to have. Maybe with just a little more work… And an interesting development: Tracy wants to go back to work and has hired a young nanny named Lisa to take care of the baby during the day. It is a common arrangement: A University student who wants to travel for the summer works for a family in another country in exchange for room and board.

Sex Games with the Nanny?

So this incredibly hot young lady from Canada will be living with you in Los Angeles for the summer. And you haven’t had sex in months.

2 Paths to choose from

Be the perfect husband

Help Tracy with the household chores, take care of your baby, earn money and spoil her with your kindness. Rediscover the pleasure of sex and have kinky experiences with her.

Fall in love with the nanny

Spend time together, offer her fancy gifts, take advantage of every intimate situation and steal her heart. Meet her hot friend and flirt with them both. Yield to temptation.

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